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Jellyka - Estrya's Handwriting

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StreetLingaz  14/08/2008
This is a really good handwriting font. Thanks for making it. :)
The Mimi  24/08/2008
This is so perfect. The strokes are awesome. Thank you!
sakuraB1  28/09/2008
i love them hah it i is perfect!!
Amalia P  15/10/2008
This is wonderful! I love the angular tails on the y's, g's, etc., it's like my handwriting! Good work!
flightdeckone  18/10/2008
how do i use this for my own personal use?
Isabella-371  08/12/2008
Cool but I don't make
the-dream  13/12/2008
how do i use it for msn?
sizzlecreative  05/01/2009
Love the tails.
luukia  07/02/2009
nice job..
and it's complete too ^^
lucianamorin  23/04/2009
Nice job, I love this font!
sim2k  14/05/2009
westpintbrew  17/06/2009
wondering how i can use this commercially for a website and other
candra.loves.blink  22/07/2009
I love everthing about this font.
Fantastic job :):):)
El Padre  07/11/2009
markisabigliar  15/11/2009
i cant no how to use this in orkut facebook or myspace
vamsi2009  19/01/2010
Thank you so much for this wonderful font. I am website designer( I am using your photo for the following URL:
vamsi2009  19/01/2010
And link to my website if you ever need any web services.

-Vamsi Kancharla
xBurstOfSunshinexo  11/04/2010
I love this font, it just might be my favorite!
freelancekelvinchng  22/04/2010
awesome :)
Anthonnius  27/04/2010
This is a beautiful fonts. I used it for one of my school assignment. Is that ok with the author??
I dont know how to contact her/him.
sbcnpyuli  10/08/2010
I really like this font, thanks
Aviator_admin  31/08/2010
Very nice!
lankan  03/09/2010
This is a really good handwriting font. Thanks a lots
heyyitsabbygail  11/11/2010
Wow! That is really cool!
MeTaLGiNGeR  08/01/2011
OMG, i sooooooo love this handwriting!!!
but it would be much better if it would be A LOT BIGGER and the spaces between the lines smaller... cause when i'm using it now i need to use fontsize 50 and with those huge spaces between the lines i need a whole page for a four-lines-poem...
so if you could change that it would be really cool...
Menhir  27/01/2011
Congratulation for this perfect work of optimization.
Bravo !
abrazky  18/03/2011
its cool hand writing..
i like it
bl!nd  27/02/2012
Absolutely gorgeous.
chromerainbow  01/04/2012
I've seen this. It's the font used in the ad from 'Call Me Maybe'. I knew this font once I saw it on the ad! Congratz!
sky76  30/06/2012
For all the fonts from this author has a problem ... There's only capital letters. Small letters are gone!
Renzzi  10/08/2012
hey. I downloaded this font about a year ago. But now, It is used as the official font for Call me Maybe Single art. Nice JOB!
camila  17/11/2012
NiceCaptcha  16/11/2013
This font is simply amazing. My ONLY quarrel is that it's _SSSOOOOO_ small! I'm making a wallpaper for myself, and what should be good at "100pt" I have to "326pt" for it to be the same width as Arial at 100pt. >_< I even tried getting the font from the Authors site, but still so tiny. ):
Other than that.. Amazing. Love the font. (:
3803danbury  14/08/2014
Just the font our CD has been searching for. I cannot type an "i" after the "f". It creates an empty spot. Example: f xing What's up??? Don't forget to donate to the artist!
cnyshona  17/06/2015
How can one use this font for commercial use?
ghalletina  12/03/2016
How can this beautiful Font be used for commercial use?
gaia.ghiro  12/03/2017
Very Beautiful work! Can i have information about commercial use? My email is

Thank you
sosao10  21/03/2018
How can one use this font for commercial use?
Glńser  07/01/2020
How can one use this font for commercial use?
ecorulle  26/04/2020
So beautiful! How could I use this font for commercial use?
Emeli10  31/08/2020
How could I use this font for commercial use?
chrisjg  11/02/2021
Hi, I love this font. Can you let me know how I might be able to get permission for commercial use please?

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