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angelinegalang  14/08/2008
Popcorn Poppers Inc  15/08/2008
Very nice font! But the file is missing the 'Font Name Table.' I've tried your other fonts too and they work. thanks again!
camila101  16/08/2008
great font, perfect for invitations (halloween parties) etc. very lovely i downloaded and use it alot.
billyargel  16/08/2008
just because - jane's addiction
aspen  17/08/2008
annaOMline  19/08/2008
beautifull script font. Really elegant! Thanks
SoFonty  09/09/2008
who hotter than me???
plousia  25/09/2008
I had to register for this site just to say, I love this font. It's beautiful. I'm planning to get a tattoo using it, and I'm sure I'll use it for many other things. Thanks!
im just Miranda  04/11/2008
this is quite a work of art.
i love how its curly but not overdone.
ninjajaclyn  20/02/2010
haha i registered for this site just to say i love this font too. ^^
it looks almost exactly like my handwriting, except for the designs coming off of the letters.

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