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Idaaa  14/06/2010
I can save the text. But then, I can not put it in photoshop.
Because I get a box that says. "(Text, name) is not a valid font file and can not be installed." What is the problem?
you need to install it into the fonts folder under the control panel (hope this help! Just drag it in there! It'll install itself!.. Oh make sure you have the classic control panel view!)

And good looking font, disappointed it's personal use only, won't be downloading.
bjsilve0  27/06/2010
Love the font. I am a scrapbooker and type my journaling. Have XP. First time downloading a font. In the dropdown font selection in Word. I see this font but the name is unreadable. Can I fix it? When tpyping, the default is 12 which is VERY small in this font and VERY light gray. Is this typical? Did I download incorrectly? I have it under C:\windows\fonts.
caitaintdead  08/07/2010
You make such beautiful fonts! This is by far my favourite font of the moment. Thank you.
Starstarmoon  10/07/2010
Jellyka, this is my favorite font. I love all your fonts and have downloaded E-V-E-R-Y S-I-N-G-L-E one!
heather2002  18/08/2010
Beautiful handwriting. Thanks for sharing
joseph alexander  21/02/2011
Whats the policy on commercial use? I want to use this on a wedding photography site....I will donate . Please respond ASAP ! :) LOOOVE your fonts !
Ba1thazar  03/05/2011
I want to use this for a wedding/event string quartet, what is your policy on commercial use? Donations?
amyekren  12/09/2013
What is the policy for commercial use? I would like to use on photography.....Love it!
aidijoy21  09/04/2015
I want to use this font for a project, how much do you require as a donation to use for "commercial use?"

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