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Junith  04/09/2006
Love this one!!
aras1312  01/02/2007
very very beautiful!!!!!! I loved it.
Kitijima  20/02/2007
I really like this one! Thank you Emerald.
young_soldier26  11/04/2007
this font is great !!
sizzle creative  10/10/2008
Love it, keep up the good work

KatieUFig  22/06/2010
This font's awesome! It's just like System of a Down's 'Steal This Album!' font. Niiiice :D
jillknits  20/04/2017
I get a message when I save this in illustrator. I want to be able to use this font, so wonder what I need to do to make it read in all my Creative Suite applications? I haven't actually had a problem, but I'd be happy to upgrade if needed. It is a great font!
kllstone  26/06/2017
Precisely what I was looking for! Thank you!
vale14  04/01/2019
Hi I'd like to use this font for commercial purposes, pls let me know if this is possible thank you so much! valehauswirth@online.de
Deshowens  17/08/2020
Id love to use your font for commercial purposes please feel free to message me authorization at Deshowens@gmail.com

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