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I Am Sherlocked

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SpideRaY  autore di I Am Sherlocked   05/02/2012
It's related to "Scandal in Belgravia" from Sherlock (BBC). The password on Idler's phone is S.H.E.R and, with the background, it reads "I AM SHER LOCKED" (I am Sherlocked) like "I'm into Sherlock" or "Sherlock conquered my heart". Sherlock cracks the password exactly because she said that her phone is her life and he deduces that it's her heart.
SpideRaY  autore di I Am Sherlocked   20/04/2012
Since I created my Fan-font I have been really interested in find out all the other fonts used in the series.


Please let me know if anyone knows of the others that are used... until then please keep enjoying my version.
SpideRaY  autore di I Am Sherlocked   29/05/2012
We are very excited as Bokeh Pictures will be using the I AM SHERLOCKED on their latest independent short film called Spider-Man Eclipse, check out the trailer @ , the official teaser is also on Vimeo @
SpideRaY  autore di I Am Sherlocked   04/11/2012
Our IOU apple design based on the TV series is now available as a T-Shirt @
Ida161  22/04/2013
factura telemįtica

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