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kbb88  23/10/2019
great font but that uppercase T is awkward
cricutnewbie  27/10/2019
How do you get the swirls before and after using Word?
justmesandi  30/10/2019
to get the swirls i think you had to buy the font
Hbeck  04/11/2019
So we can only get the swirls if we buy the font? Even if it’s for personal use? Any way to get it at a reduce price at least?
nycoly  16/12/2019
Hello. Hahah. I wanna know how can I get a permission to use this letter for a work at my university (in a logo). Can I use? Because this is open only for personal use! Thanks
Xkhang93  02/02/2020
How do we get the swirls? I bought the font but i still don’t know how to do the swirls
Kcgred  03/02/2020
How do I get a license to use this font
okelly2  08/03/2020
hi, Ive bought the licence but how do i get the extra swirls on the letters
mumi24  10/03/2020
im trying to add the swirls and i've tried everything and nothing. thank God i read the comments before actually buying it.
Graphix Line Studio  autore di Hello   12/03/2020
To access your alternate character, just select one letter (exp: t). After you select it will definitely appear in the alternate character. Or activate the opentype feature on the top toolbar (view-opentype).
thea31  01/04/2020
I still don't get it. How do I get the swirls?
Crafter  24/04/2020
I TRIED THIS (just select one letter (exp: t). After you select it will definitely appear in the alternate character. Or activate the opentype feature on the top toolbar (view-opentype)) NOTHING DEFINITELY APPEARED. AND I DON'T HAVE OPENTYPE FEATURE IN MY TOP TOOLBAR. WHAT ELSE CAN I TRY TO GET THE SWIRLS. THAT'S THE WHOLE REASON I LIKED THIS FONT
courtneybrooke  29/05/2020
Purchased the font and can’t use any of the swirls HELP
Ashley Tumbas  12/06/2020
Please author how we can do the swirls??
Ashley Tumbas  12/06/2020
easier to use "Shorelines Script Bold" just use parentheses (open & close) then swirls will appear
amber4170  12/07/2020
I am not understanding how to get the swirls. Can someone please help?
rlongberry  03/08/2020
How much is this font please?
classicpatrick  16/08/2020
To use the swirls. Open up Windows Character Map or Font Book on Mac. Then you can locate the character and copy/paste it out of there to use.
allisontaylor  17/09/2020
Hey guys, I was having the same problem. Try this, it should help!! It looks like (for the Mac) you just go into fonts and copy paste the letter for the beginning and end letter :) Hope it works for you!!  28/10/2020
What is necessary to use this font on projects for bazar?
safkhan  18/02/2021
to get the extra bits and bats goto your run bar search for your characte box you will find them there.
isafer12  26/05/2021
hola, ustdes me podrian decir que caligrafia podria usar para power point
sjsherman02  24/06/2021
@allisontaylor this worked perfectly, thank you!
Nathalie BOUCHART  08/09/2021
I would like to purchase this font is a donation to the author sufficient?

Je souhaiterai acheter cette polices est-ce que faire un don à l'auteur suffit?
ADRIIDRII  25/09/2021
How do i purchase this font?
Cheryl06  11/07/2022
Help. I bought the commercial license. I am getting all of the characters except for the heart. Please advise as I really want to make a sign with the heart included.

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