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clamz  24/04/2016
The splatters ruin it, any way to get it without?
hps209  01/06/2016
Awesome font! Any way to get it without the splatters?
quinzel  10/08/2016
The font will not install on my computer, any idea what the problem is?
MegaBardock12  16/08/2016
I can't install this font, can someone help me?
anyshydre  21/08/2016
im having the same problem..
Branded Quotes  autore di Haze   21/08/2016
Hi guys!
We are making an update right now. Please keep posted!
Thanks :)
nils6941i  28/10/2016
Hi, is there anything new about the update?
ministajazz  01/01/2017
The font file is large. Anyway to compress it so I can use it on my website. I purchased the license.
rumhaam  05/01/2017
Just purchased the license and can't even install it. It crashes/freezes the font viewer. Not sure what this "update" from last year did but it sure didn't solve this.
MegaBardock12  05/02/2017
I can't still install it
Kopper  14/08/2017
I can't install it
SUPAHSHARP  18/10/2018
this is absurd I can't install it, I'm on windows 10

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