Hard Sports

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samson77  05/04/2015
how do I download this font
samson77  05/04/2015
after I pay will it download to my pc
GarrowGlitch  autore di Hard Sports   05/04/2015
If you send payment directly to my Paypal, I will send you the font. If i receive donation on Dafont, then You may just download from here. Thanks!
samson77  05/04/2015
all I need is the T The 2 hardsports font how do I donat
samson77  06/04/2015
ok just paid for the font how do I download
samson77  06/04/2015
y cant I download y y y y y
samson77  06/04/2015
I paid the $10 into your paypal account, how are you going to send the font to me? my email is inco02@outlook.com.
I would appreciate a response back
samson77  06/04/2015
y don't you responce
swatson22  21/08/2018
is there a way to turn this font into a PES file for an embroidery machine?

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