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polenimschaufenster  24/09/2007
hmmm, nice and tasty!
staplehead  29/07/2008
Wonderful Eroded Slab Serif. I want to share with you a post about this font on my blog where I talk about my favourite fonts. This week is your turn. You can read it on (it's in Spanish, but there are many good translation tools around the net) ;-)
bumbayo  autore di Gipsiero   02/08/2008
thancxs, nice blog
tmr  07/01/2009
its beautiful. I really like it
cardboardroom  10/04/2011
I used this font in the tattoo design on my left forearm. Thanks! This font is technically part of me till the day I die now.
bumbayo  autore di Gipsiero   19/04/2011
cardboardroom - thank you much

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