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glorifiedg  18/05/2007
This is an awesome blackletter. Excellent work. I especially like the outline variant offered.
glorifiedg  18/05/2007
I don't, however, like the fact that it's not suitcased. Each variant shows as a different font in my list, and to make it worse, the variant name comes before the family name, i.e. "Fulted Germanica" as opposed to "Germanica Fluted". This makes it so the fonts appear in different places in my list, since the list is alphebetical.

I also don't like that the capital 'I' and 'J' are exactly the same.

Is there any way you can fix these things?
uberrobodude  04/11/2010
Hey! Congrats! I'm doing a science fair project on fonts, and yours was selected! I like how that in normal text it is harder to read, but otherwise it is quite clear. Thank's for making this awesome font! :)
oh yeah, the capital I/J is kind of annoying.
rcanfield001  06/07/2012
I don't see a license agreement for this font, does this mean it is fair game for personal AND commercial use?
dircules  12/12/2012
A font named 'Germanica', without umlauts and the letter '▀'? And, like gloririedq mentioned already, sorted by attributes instead of names?

Not too professional, I'd say. I replaced this font very quickly.
germantv  14/02/2013
Hey this is a really cool font :) I will use it on my homework ;)
elenab  04/12/2014
Hi, great font! is it possible to use it for a logo that will be registered (commercial use)? Thanks
Sevell  02/11/2018
Great font! Why do you give it away for free? You should have a Donate link to go with this font for "professional" use. I was going to donate but there was no button. Thanks for the great work,
doodle76  10/06/2019
Thank you for sharing this beautiful font for free! Great work! It would be even better, if the German letters ▀, Ř, ń and ÷ were included.
arnoldstrife  15/06/2022
Just a note here for anyone still using the font. If you try to use Plain Germanica in OSX Monterey in Microsoft Word it doesn't appear correctly. I found it's due to the information in the font. If you use FontForge open the font, Element -> Font Information ->OS/2 -> Metrics Then copy the information in Embossed Germanica here.

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