Fish Fingers

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Peax Webdesign  06/03/2013
Hi, I love this font very much ! You're very talented !
sometimes aislinn  autore di Fish Fingers   08/03/2013
Thanks so much! :)
asmathahira  09/03/2013
wow, this font is really nice.its very creative.
DavidMont  01/05/2013
OMG! This font is Really Awesome! Thank you so Much for sharing it :3
Glioburd  23/05/2013
Pretty cool, I like it. Thank you.
...and custard...
sometimes aislinn  autore di Fish Fingers   17/06/2013
Yay! Love that reference. Yes, that is why I named this font what I did! :)
mariabobo  17/08/2013
if someone could please answer me: on instagram a lot of people use this, and i really want to, but im really confused on how to get it there. do i do it on my phone or on my laptop? and after i press download...what happens??
I would like to use this font for my indie "compnay" logo. Thwe game i will not be making any profit i just make games as a hobby, so can i use this font in my logo?
sometimes aislinn  autore di Fish Fingers   02/04/2014
@SoaringMelonStudious You can use it for free, then. If you start making profits, just please donate $5. Thanks!
kelly13615  23/04/2014
toyi  25/06/2014
Perhaps use this for a comic-manga contest. If I win, donate 5 bucks is enough, right? ˙v¨
sometimes aislinn  autore di Fish Fingers   05/07/2014
Yes, @toyi, $5 is enough. :)
Hannah Is Slaying  14/08/2014
omg im in love
Elyia  13/11/2014
Hello, I am creating a logo for a friend. It's a brand new business, and not expected to turn a profit for some time. I'd like to use this font. How do I go about this without any infringement issues?
Niuccia83  16/12/2014
This font is so wonderful!!!
Can I use this font for my blog, my social pages and for my videos on youtube?

If I use this font during building other site, how much I will donate you?
sometimes aislinn  autore di Fish Fingers   06/01/2015
Hi @Niuccia83, you can use it for free for sites as long as they're personal. If you use them on sites you earn money from, then I just ask for a $5 donation or you can purchase a license on my website, here:
Fra.Bianco88  26/06/2015
hi, I really like this font you're really good! can I use it for a logo for my site?
richappow  15/07/2015
this font is great. however it doesn't appear very well on a white background bcos it's too thin and light. I'd be very grateful if it is thickened a bit.
Scrappegal  26/06/2016
Thank you! Cool font for making t-shirts. $5 is donated for commersial licence :)
DapperGirl  20/07/2016
amazing :)
1sabella  20/05/2017
Love it, it so pretty:)

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