Final Lap

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TheBabe3  24/08/2006
When I try to use it, my computer freezes. Awesome font though!
Gyom Séguin  autore di Final Lap   24/08/2006
yes, this is a pretty heavy font to work with. You need a high performance computer to use it. Sorry about that!!!
TheBabe3  24/08/2006
Actually, after I posted this, I went to try and use this again, and it worked! But then I tryed to make it bold and see what it would look like, but it froze again. Oh well. Thanks again for the #1 font here as of now!
tanyaiscrazy  26/08/2006
Another really unique font Gyom!
But you know how much I like all your fonts already! ;)

Great work mon ami!
EricdeB  26/08/2006
Encore un énième Times Bidouillé...
Gyom Séguin  autore di Final Lap   26/08/2006
je suis désolé que tu ne pouisses apprécié ma police en passant ce n'est pas times....
Prend soin de toi!
bbyvietsta  28/08/2006
awsome font!
keep up the good work. ^^ :)
marty666  01/09/2006
Pas du tout fan, mais c'est quoi ce gris, ça m'intrigue ?
EricdeB  06/09/2006
Si ça n'est pas du Times, je me fait curé dans la journée ;o)
Daaams, ce gris est obtenu par une trame assez complexe.
Gyom Séguin  autore di Final Lap   06/09/2006
Pour ce qui est du gris, je l'ai obtenu aec un filtre de photoshop qui est le halftone pattern.
timescene  01/12/2006
LOVE IT!!!!But I don't understand french....
gabber613  25/12/2006
yeah, this font froze when i tried to use it
Aerostella  20/01/2007
It freezes my computer for a few seconds when I use it, but the result is awesome :D
dee87  16/03/2007
this font freezes my computer, can u try making the size smaller? i would appreciate it.
Kmart  17/04/2007
Ton description, on dit "Final lap is a print oriented font and is better when used very big". Pas "Final lap is a print oriented font and is better used when very big".
Loz  05/06/2007
I CAN use it! And i love this font so much! XD <3
NocturnalPurple  23/04/2008
How did you get the gray in the background? with my trial version of Font Creator all I get is black and white
jey  04/08/2008
Haha, I love this one, I was scary first, asking how the hell you could do a grey font :P
So bad it's that heavy ! Computer lags so much, but it's the price we have to pay, I guess !

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