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Roger S. Nelsson  21/07/2009
For those of you looking for an improved version with more/better accents etc: Ray Larabie has allowed me to rework his fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Ray Larabie receives royalties from all sales)
S.E.Designs  03/05/2011
hey im new to this stuff but i was wondering what do i need to do to have copyrights for this font?
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   07/05/2011
There's a diagram on that will help explain what you can copyright and trademark.
weknow  02/06/2012
i love this font alot, this is how i recognize you, and learn and ispired by you
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   11/06/2012
Thanks very much!
RubyRed1  01/02/2014
Can I use this font for my t shirt designs
to sell. How can I do this legally?
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   10/02/2014
You sure can. Details at
scboi114  01/02/2015
hello, i want to print tshirts also, ive looked into that website but cannot find the details.
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   01/02/2015
This font is free for commercial use; no problem using it for t-shirts. More details in the "desktop license" section on this page:
Esclawy  17/09/2015
Hey! I'm pretty new to this site. Can I use this font for a show poster that will be distributed? I saw that it is free for commercial use, but I just want to be absolutely sure. Thank you!
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   17/09/2015
Yes, that's allowed.
Luckytime  02/09/2016
You're an absolute badass. I have so much respect for font creators because like teachers and social workers, they do all the work and get under-appreciated. So thanks!
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   06/09/2016
You're welcome!
yaslince  25/01/2017
Hi!!!, can I use the typography for logo and web?
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   28/01/2017
Yes you can.
Cobra!  10/07/2017
How it 100% free if you need to fork out money to use the actual font in any apps or websites?
Cobra!  10/07/2017
Ignore the previous comment, I spoke with the creator, he explained it.
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   10/07/2017
Dafont doesn't have an option to display specific license arrangements but I wish they did. Choices are: 100% free, Free for personal use, Shareware, Demo, Public Domain, Donationware. The free desktop license setup is very common, and outside of OFL, Public Domain, including free embedding/OEM licenses is a rarity and is at odds with every commercial distribution system (MyFonts etc.).
cnt85  30/01/2018
can i use for logo?
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   05/02/2018
Yes, you can.
jaydaring  15/03/2019
Hi just donated and wishing to use your font for my dj logo across social media. great font and thanks
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   19/03/2019
nursegy6  13/04/2019
So I am attempting to redo the vinyl decals for my Dodge Charger and unfortunately they were made using the old font. The only issue I am having is that the 1's are different.
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   14/04/2019
Oh right. Yeah, the angle used to go backwards on the 1...caused all kind of issues. I still have the old version. Send me a message and I'll send you the old one.
K9Rain  19/07/2019
Hi, like the others in this comments - Can I use the typography for a new logo? I use the base/ground of the font and put an arrows in the font...!?
typodermic  autore di Ethnocentric   21/07/2019
Sure, no problem.

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