DK Drop Dead Gorgeous

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metaphasebrothel  27/11/2016
It was a nice touch to have the upper and lower case be similar, but not identical. The option to randomnise the text, to some extent, is an advantage over other brush cap display faces.

thomig  09/01/2017

Just to let you know that Marine Le Pen is using your font for her political campaign for presidential election in France.
If the license has not been purchased you should sue them.

hanoded  autore di DK Drop Dead Gorgeous   11/01/2017
JEEEEZZ.... thanks for that! I'm checking up on it
hanoded  autore di DK Drop Dead Gorgeous   11/01/2017
I just wrote FN an email, asking them about a license.
kinsah  13/02/2020
bruh. I needed a number 4.
hanoded  autore di DK Drop Dead Gorgeous   24/02/2020
bruh, read the fucking FAQ

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