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BleedingDante  30/04/2008
Simply awesome! Seen better but this is great too! 9,75/10!
caseydv  03/11/2016
Who do i ask about this font for business use?
si hearn  05/01/2017
lovely font thank you
Dianjoju  04/11/2017
Dianjoju  04/11/2017
editor no start master
Fanyu  29/08/2018
It’s perfect I love it!
Please advise permissions for use in a company logo. The website link to GreyWolf Webworks was not a real website.
Alden & Noah Films  19/08/2019
devvader  06/06/2021
Anyone figure out how to get a commerical license for this font?
Mikan_Ch4n  09/10/2021
Nice Font, thx for you
laky color  11/10/2022

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