Dear Joe Four

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SWE94  23/12/2006
it´s like a real signature..
liveLoVePINK  05/01/2008
i like the font but becuase you didnt create comma or period or anything like that it's not good to use. the font is great though...
Schwalbenkoenig  14/02/2008
@ liveLoVePINK: That’s why it’s called »Demo«. If you like to use the full font go buy it at or
fallegirl  19/04/2008
I love the font; I'll be buying it soon. Question for you, what software do you use/recommend for creating fonts? I want to do one based on my own (crappy) handwriting...thx.
k.jinro  05/07/2008
i love this font very much.
Sadiii  26/10/2008
how du i get this?
font on bebo?

please wryt bak
polenimschaufenster  27/10/2008
very nice work! all your scripts are pretty impressive!

you could add some open type features for more character diversity though.
rbgd0027  25/03/2013
Do you offer a license to use this font? If so, how do I purchase it?
djung  05/11/2013
Is a license required to use this commercially? You may contact me at
bobaloo212  21/02/2014
Great font. Wanted to use it for a tattoo but the shop said it was too narrow, meaning the "holes" in the a's and e's were too small and would bleed together. Any thoughts on a similar font (preferably by JOEBOB) that's a little more "open"?
suzannahlopez  14/05/2014
i love it
stomesek  26/08/2014
Go to a better tattoo shop bobaloo212, I've had this font used on two separate tattoos and will probably only ever use this one in particular bc I'm so fond of it. You deserve to get what you want and it can be done 😊

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