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estrella230  06/11/2015
can i use this font for Commercial use? i sell key charms (with text), T-Shirts with (text) etc.. and i search for a font that i can use for all the things that i make myself. it is also allowed to make logos, Flyers etc. with your font. ist only a Little production - for Christmas markets and max. 100 a year.
dccanim  autore di DCC Ash   17/05/2017
Of course you can use it. Thank you!
David R. Trout  01/08/2017

The font doesn't seem to translate over into PDF files. Is this something to do with a code that doesn't allow it to be show on pdfs, sending off a red flag, or is this a pdf problem. If there is a commercial version, I'll purchase it, but the fonts everywhere. Are you the original creator? If so, is it 100% as it says or do I need a commercial license.

Love to hear back from you, thanks :)
dccanim  autore di DCC Ash   28/08/2017
Of course is my font, what do you think? Look at number of downloads and after that look at number of complaints regarding this font. All my fonts, like majority of fonts in this website, are free to use and if you want, you could send a donation. That's it and I hope I respond to all your'e questions regarding this issue. PS I will appreciate if you write to me on my e-mail address not directly to my font wall.
ssuri  06/02/2018
Hello, we are contacting you from a game developing company. We would like to know all of the purposes we are permitted to use this font for. Please respond to this message. Thank you!
dccanim  autore di DCC Ash   17/02/2018
My fonts, are all free for use without license.
If you want to support my effort, you can make a donation in my Paypal account.
cattrii88  24/02/2019
Hello! Does the free of use without license include books and book covers? :) Very nice work!
JNDGroup2020  29/04/2020
Thank you for this font! I was pulling my hair out trying to get this font to print to pdf but it wa bitmapping every time, even after converting rot graphics. I dug around a few forums and figured out why. Its not a font issue, my Acrobat needed to be set to Smooth Line Art in the Advanced settings. Instantly, it displayed correctly. -Hope this helps some of you.
nicmin31  18/06/2020
hello! can I use this font for the title of my color coded lyrics I'm going to make?
Emma2016  30/06/2020
Hi thank you for this, can you confirm if it’s free for commercial use? If not can you let me know the license fee?
EricR  09/02/2021
Hi I’m a shirt creator on Spreadshirt and Amazon. I want to use your font on my design. Is this okay ? Can you send me the license from this font? Thanks for your time and all the best for you. Please send the Mail to: mailman.eric@gmail.com
brixx  13/03/2021
Hi I’m a shirt creator!. I want to use your font on my design. Is this okay ?

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