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Nugroho  25/02/2008
I like it! Great job Lyde.
Lydiie  autore di Curly   25/02/2008
thank you!
Pure guava  04/03/2008
its ahhh very ...curly?
nexuskaiser  06/03/2008
lemme guess, u used the swirly tool from adobe illustrator! nice anywayz!!!
StreetLingaz  11/03/2008
This is a goofy looking font. Thats a compliment! lol I like it.
ayumihamasaki  08/04/2008
i like your work!
good job!~~
Lydiie  autore di Curly   09/04/2008
Thank you, I made 6 more fonts, bud how long does it takes before they are submid on this site?
FuzzehBud  30/12/2008
This is the best curly font i've seen!
jennifa13  16/04/2009
hi, i love this font! would it be ok to use on a website that i am designing?
Lydiie  autore di Curly   02/07/2009
If it for commercial use is than have you to buy a license. If it's for personal use, its for free.

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