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Gyom Séguin  03/08/2008
Sweet font!
anke-art  04/08/2008
Awesome font, thanks for sharing!
camila101  16/08/2008
amazing font sketchy but totally keeping it together a definite favorite for me.
Andrew2  30/08/2008
Very nice, matching the letters up must of been a complete b-tch to deal with! But the outcome is sweet.
SoFonty  03/09/2008
sweetly gorgeous :D
michellemichelle  23/09/2008
OBSESSED! i absolutely love this font. thank you, thank you for creating it :)
frenchfranck  23/09/2008
Killer font !
That's what I call a master piece !
StreetLingaz  10/10/2008
This is a very cool font. :D Ive never seen another one like this. Good work!
Ashley Bynes  20/10/2008
OMG. I LOVE IT! Thank you soo much.
JasmineInWonderland  07/11/2008
I love this it's so original and I use it for most things.
I love it.
DJmisolim  10/11/2008
elainemarie  19/12/2008
I LOVE THIS FONT! It is amazing, and my all time favorite! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
kirksucks  20/01/2009
this is pretty rad. the end piece is a nice touch. good job!
peace bby  22/01/2009
really rad!
kirksucks  03/02/2009
I just submitted a new font that was inspired by this one.

thanks! I hope it gets approved.
kirksucks  18/02/2009
hey check out PeePantsScript, inspired by this font.

thanks again!
lucianamorin  23/04/2009
Gorgeous, so different!
meggiemae6862  23/04/2009
but i think the w is messed up...
xLIMEtree  autore di Clementine Sketch   09/06/2009
what is the problem with the W?
deedeelw  23/02/2010
Cool looking font. Download says the file is corrupted and I am unable to open.
snoozan  12/05/2010
First of all, I love this font, and I applaud the work that must have gone into making it flow correctly.
Also, I may be able to guess at what meggiemae6862 might have meant (and could have said in a more helpful way). The tail of the 'w' in a cursive font is traditionally at the top of the letter, not at the bottom. It can tend to look like an 'm' if the tail is at the bottom. Of course, your font combines elements of cursive and print, and your 'm' is quite distinct from your 'w,' but in isolation, I can see what she meant.
Still, well done!!
annnisapane  11/06/2011
mariadelsol  30/10/2013
Im using in a blackboard design like chalk is pretty nice thanks so much for share it
jlnanney  09/02/2015
I can't make the font go above size 70 and still look right...when it goes above that size, it cuts the tops of the letters off. can anyone else get it to work?
jlnanney  09/02/2015
and when I'm using microsoft word, any size font cuts the tops of the letters off...I can't figure out what to do :(
PNG769  20/07/2015
One of the finest fonts in the whole damn site. Thank you ever so much for sharing. Really appreciate it!

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