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nuclearsugar  27/06/2007
Simply beautiful. Elegant yet lite.

Please provide me with your contact, I've found no way to start communication!
Sketchy  24/07/2007
This is a really nice clean font. I have used it a few times.
Although I have had a problem with it - when the letters "fi" are together, they are too close, I have to space them manually.
FuzzehBud  30/12/2008
There is somthing about this font that I love.Its plain and Simply beautiful.
X0XCUTiiEX0X  29/01/2009
I really love this font. Exquisite lining.. thin but not TOO then. Simply put; g o r g e o u s
dafata  28/06/2012
It's free for comercial use? I haven't found the license.
preston0518  20/02/2013
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font? Email: Thanks!
alexwilsnn  05/11/2013
i would love to have permission for this font! please contact me
JTConcepts  12/01/2014
Require to use this font for commercial use, please contact me asap @, permission would be fantastic :) and appreciated.
89yoyos  18/01/2014
Anyone else misread it as "Circle" at first?

Awesome font, downloading now ;)
lugarcia14  29/01/2014
Can this font be used in my logo, website and business card? also in commercial use?
MeeShellM  24/03/2014
Hello. Wondering if I could use this font for a business website for a client. Would love to hear back from you at Thank you!
Magaliana  07/10/2014
Excuse me, can I use this font for a logo for a education department? It will not have profit as purpose, because it is for a public university.
Please, tell me if it is possible or send me the price in my email:
zaionhammer  30/01/2015
Great font, nice work! Please, can I use it for Magazine Template? Please write to me on my e-mail I will give an link for download your font in documentation file. Thank you and regards!
pepa pascual  16/07/2016
Can this font be used in my website? also in commercial use?
Rabi17  17/12/2017
It's beautiful font
this font can be used for commercial (logo) purposes?
Email me black-

Thank You
Rabi17  17/12/2017
It's beautiful font
this font can be used for commercial (logo) purposes?
Email me black-

Thank You
stuaredesign  20/06/2020
Eu gostaria de ter permissão para usar essa fonte.

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