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Chloe5972  14/12/2022
cerevesia  15/12/2022
In my opinion that font doesn't match with the description "100% free". It has a lot of restrictions and conditions.
100% free is another thing, I presume.
Would be great to change to: "Free, for personal use" or similar.
Kong Font  autore di Christbell   16/12/2022
Hi Cerevisiae,

Sorry for the misdescription I made
The correct description is the one below:

This font is 100% free! Feel free to use this in your projects!

- Click this link to visit in our website :

- Any donation are acceptable and very appreciated. Here is Our Paypal account for donation :

Follow our social media for update :
Twitter : @KongFont
Instagram : font_kong
Facebook : Kong Font
Kong Font  autore di Christbell   16/12/2022
Hi Chloe,
Thank you so much :)
cerevesia  16/12/2022
Hi, Kong Font
Thank you for the clarification and your work.

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