Chinese Rocks

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Jordio  06/08/2010
Great font, doesn't Red Dead Redemption (game) use this font?
jackfaciale  05/04/2011
yeah but they have a lower case version !
Hey, Could you tell me what program you made this in by any chance?
typodermic  autore di Chinese Rocks   08/08/2011
Originally, Fontographer 4.1 but rebuilt in 2004 in Fontlab Studio.
AnduRoYT  05/05/2018
Merely Your Opinion
typodermic  autore di Chinese Rocks   09/05/2018
Name trivia: it comes from a Johnny Thunders punk rock song circa 1977, written by Dee Dee Ramone in Debbie Harry's apartment. Richard Hell contributed the diggin' a Chinese ditch line.
IsCool101  12/06/2020
This font doesn't look THAT distorted, but that does NOT mean it's bad :D

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