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Carosina  19/05/2010

~Caro and Sina
Pweb  31/05/2010
Hey can I purchase this font?
Belza  16/09/2010
i love this, it looks amaizing on word, im going to use this on my photography coursework, if thats ok? well done, :)
natkinz5  27/10/2012
Really great font! Thank you~ :]
genkido  11/12/2012
Nice font! How can I buy it?
kittycat356  01/03/2013
I love this font! I really wanna use it for my Youtube. Is that ok? I really love it :D
furio8  17/03/2013
how can I purchase this font?
rosario.ortega  01/05/2013
I would also like how much is it this font to be used in a children's book
gr8fulphish  27/05/2015
Nice font! Are you a Deadhead? :)
daniela vargas  02/09/2015
como se descarga la fuente q no puedo descargar
Claudia Pfeil  23/08/2017
Hello, how can I purchase this font?

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