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SWE94  23/12/2006
oh,what cute font!:)
sweet_angelcutie  03/01/2007
zavier  12/01/2007
j'aime beaucoup cette police mais il n'y a aucune infos sur l'auteur et les droits sur cette font
Bunnibuns  06/06/2007
This is a very well designed font, I like it a lot!
michiel_terpelle  06/03/2008
Now there is a proffesional version of this font called:

PF Champion Script Pro
IGLIA12343  16/11/2008
Would be great if it had some God-forsaken punctuation!
cicéro  30/04/2009
Je pense qu'il s'agit d'un PIRATAGE du Champion, œuvre de François Boltana, (1950-1999), L'auteur est un ancien du Scriptorium de Toulouse, Compagnon de Lure, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, comme il distribuait ses fontes lui-même je pense que son épouse et ses enfants sont détenteurs des droits.
Voir sur MyFonts l'article de Jean-François Porchez.
britskee03  10/12/2009
Is there any licensing information on this font? I would like to use it for commercial purposes.
Stehy  26/08/2010
Would it be possible to have it less italic ?
Stehy  26/08/2010
Y aurait-il moyen de l'avoir moins en italic ? Merci !
ballet  21/01/2011
Love this font...Can I use this for a logo I am designing and selling? Email me at
claudeserieux  autore di Champignon   28/01/2011
Le design est de Joseph Champion.
Bickham George, The Universal Penman, Londres,1741.Reédité par Dover Publications. p.202.
lb22  16/03/2011
Can I use this font for commercial purposes?

Est-ce que je peux utiliser cette typo à des fins commerciales?

zevobh  06/05/2011
thank you. this font is lovely.
Enki  28/07/2011
I would also like to know if using this font for commercial purposes is free.

Thank you.
mcoler13  29/09/2011
Is there a fee to use this font for commercial purposes?
littlesirens  04/10/2011
this is lovely...can it be used for commercial purposes?
vikis  12/10/2011
hello, i just wanna know if i can use your font for free for commercial purposes, or if its not, how much will it costs, its a very small food buissnes in uruguay, thank you
Apena007  15/12/2011
hello, I love this font. Very pretty. Am I allowed to use this font on invitations, place cards, table numbers, and greeting cards? I wouldlike to use your font and sell my designs using your font. Is this allowed? Please let know. Thank you.
Melody29  16/03/2012
Would like to use this font for a logo for a small woodworking company. Please let me know if there is a fee for this.
roxanag75  03/04/2012
can this font use for commercial purposes?
Suze1  27/04/2012
Thankyou for this beautiful font. Is there a chance to use this font commercially?
LuxD  26/08/2012
Very elegant font, thank you. May I use this in invitations and other stationery that I plan to sell?
claudeserieux  autore di Champignon   26/08/2012
La license est gratuit.
The license is free.
malvolio  22/10/2012
This looks like Champion Script...
mariadelsol  18/08/2013
muchisimas gracias son preciosas y la licencia es gratuita!! thank so much Xoxo!! xD
Tatyana1120  19/11/2013
I love this font! Would you mind if i used it for a tattoo design?
Kelsey5186  21/01/2014
Can i use this for Commercial use how much is license? thanks
Robert 334  11/03/2014
I like your font can I use it for Projects that I'm selling? (Commercial Projects) :)
contact me
ted801231  15/10/2014
thank you
buster53  06/01/2015
hi, I am having problems, when i click download and open the otf. file it just says either close or done and doesn't say install, am i doing something wrong?
thanks :-0
claudeserieux  autore di Champignon   06/01/2015

Please check the FAQ for that.
pollybg  11/01/2015
May I please use it for commercial purpose? Thank you in advance!
mpisarri  23/02/2015
Can this font be used for commercial use?
nomde  03/06/2015
Great font. Can it be used for commercial purposes?
ncromer-aip  11/09/2015
I would like to know if I may use this typeface for commercial and/or for a not-for-profit organization. Contact me at
dundons156  30/09/2015
I would like to use this font for a non-profit school event.
I am happy to make a donation.
Please advise ASAP.
thanks, Sheila
dundons156  30/09/2015
Sorry this is a fund-raising event.
GoodG  03/04/2018
Can this font be used for commercial use?
ChrissyLacy  09/04/2018
I would also like to know if using this font for commercial purposes is free.

Thank you.
Beatriz Lemos  15/04/2018
Posso utilizar essa fonte para fins comerciais?
Aqui está meu e-mail:
Gostei muito da fonte, achei bem criativa e se não for totalmente grátis envie-me um e-mail falando sobre termos, condições e preços.
Desde já agradeço!
skeko  17/07/2018
So the Font is completly free, right? I would like to use it for my logo. Please get in touch with me, if i need any commercial licence.

achely  28/09/2018
Can I use the font for commercial use? Please email me at
Thank you

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