Burton's Dreams

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metaphasebrothel  12/06/2014
This is exceptionally good for a first submission. The design is fresh, and the vectors show excellent technique. The only change I can suggest is that the spacing glyph maybe should be about 10% wider. Props!
Jeniffer Zaiku  autore di Burton's Dreams   13/06/2014
Thanks :) I“ll keep that in mind for the next time.
Chloe5972  24/06/2014
Great font !!
Jeniffer Zaiku  autore di Burton's Dreams   26/06/2014
Hey Thanks :)
moonbeam  12/10/2018
Do you sell a commercial license for this font?
TJJlybean  02/08/2021
I would love to include this font on a couple of signs for my friends. Can I get info about commercial use, please?
(This is one of my favorites!) tfurj@yahoo.com

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