Broken Ghost

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cyanideinc  19/12/2006
yo. your fonts fucking rock =]

your my hero.

what do you use to make them?

just curious.

brilliant, really.
-- Runaway Rebel*  19/12/2006
Oh my. This font is brillant. I love it! It's got that modern vintage look and feel to it which really, drives me crazy!

Love it!
pinkpalm  26/04/2007
A very sexy font to be sure, although the ampersand is a bit odd...still though--kudos :D
theguywhocriedwolf  11/06/2007
there is nothing broken about this me. Perfect.
FancyFontness  01/07/2007
I cant donload it :((( but i really really love it it the sexx
pari  30/08/2007
that is fine!
michiel_terpelle  02/12/2007
Really excellent:P
helm77  15/01/2008
You are the greatest Rock_music_style_font_Designer!!!
Libby17  12/05/2009
I want this on my myspace profile, how do i get it on there ?
December25  16/06/2009
i dont get it... i cant download it D:
cky12qxz  25/11/2009
This is fantastic :D
EpicFont  20/06/2011
Dat font is super epic,nice font dude
wanderingartisan  10/07/2012
Love this font! It's something really special. Cheers for making it! :)

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