Bright Young Things

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shi zhanag  11/10/2011
Shi Qi Zhang
tigerstyle  14/10/2011
Wow Nice Font..
Dylan Lambert  08/11/2011
I love it! Thank's a lot!!! :3
seth2958  16/11/2011
would really like to buy this font for commercial use. no link for artist, and can't track down the artist by name. will use commercially and if contact is provided will be glad to purchase license.
brittsavtemp  02/01/2012
Same as seth2958. I can not contact the author of this font but would like to purchase license. Please feel free to contact me at Thank you.
loulou123  16/05/2012
as above, cannot contact the maker of this font, so i will use this for commercial purposes until contact details are added. it's great! thanks
hugobeyts  autore di Bright Young Things   16/06/2012
To all you above!

Thanks ;)
themattiteo  24/03/2014
Want to buy! Please Reply
hethara71  29/08/2014
Hello, I would like to buy your font for comercial use.I have written you an email for buying it.
Thank u!!
leelomba  07/01/2015
I'm also very much interested in purchasing this font for a client's logo and have sent an email in regards to this. It would be helpful to know how much so I can relay that info to the client in order to determine whether it fits in our budget or if we need to very sadly move on. Font sure looks extra fab next to my little illustration for this singer-songwriter's logo, though!! He was hoping for something atmospheric and almost spaceyŚcouldn't be more perfect. Fingers crossed...
nobelgrisen  17/02/2019
My macbook says the font contains a serious error and that I shouldn't install it. Why is that?

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