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mv118  13/06/2016
Seriously the nicest font I've seen in a long time
Randy Rafael  14/06/2016
excelente tipografia
volvera  23/06/2016
This looks cool
PabloImpallari  24/06/2016
Great work! Congrats!
egar08c8  07/07/2016
One of the nicest script fonts ive seen... really well put together!
skitexas  22/09/2016
So professional and Wow, so beautiful.
lazerproductions  20/10/2016
Yes indeed very nice.
sanjay_27  22/10/2016
Pls Remove the font....
jarojewelry  16/01/2017
I cant seem to find the answers as to why Im having a hard time uploading from my "Windows Font File to my Canva account so I can apply "Blacksword font" unto my Etsy Banner.. any help and/or advise is appreciated.
Khrystalizm  12/07/2017
Great font! How much for commercial use license?
Essex  01/12/2017
Youssef was great, and a pleasure to work with. And love the font.
alysdexia  16/05/2018
The font doesn't look nescient; ye do, asses.
Rontex1992  10/07/2018
This is simply beautiful. How much for commercial use please?
Can you tell me how to convert Blacksword font to a TTF file instead of an OTF file? Or can you do it for me?
Loopy Jen  01/08/2018
@designstitches - just curious why would you want (or even need) to do that? OTF is the better of the two.
lperreault  21/08/2018
Wow, what a great font -- elegant AND readable. Not often found together! So happy to have found it. And Youssef was a real pleasure to deal with -- happy to pay the $49 for a commercial license.
Daniman0413  01/05/2019
I've got a tattoo with this font. Thanks.
Martist123  21/04/2020
Hi. I am a freelance graphic designer. Can I use this beautiful font for a logo? Please reply at
tinfoilhat  04/09/2020
Does this work for google docs?
enriquereyes  23/04/2021
”Que bonita y fluida tipografķa!

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