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Chloe5972  15/11/2011
gorgeous medieval font !!!
doesntgivafck  16/11/2011
loving this font!! c:
king5gabriel  26/11/2011
love the style :)
takiniki  04/04/2012
want to use for my mum's cafe shop, can i make a donation or how does that work? many thanks
YNeidr  02/03/2014
I love this font, it really has a creative quality that's lacking in so many blackletter fonts (so many of which are identical or nearly so!). Black Flag here, in contrast, really has character (uh, so to speak!).

So, since everybody else seems interested too :) - is there a version of Blackflag that comes with punctuation and other useful "special characters" (accented letters, Cyrillic/Hebrew/Greek alphabets, obscure math symbols, Linear B :) - you know, that sort of thing), and if so, how would I go about buying a copy (for my personal use only, if that makes a difference — I know some people charge for font licensing based on commercial vs. noncommercial use, others on the number of users or the like).


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