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Biro Script

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skotfri  02/08/2009
I love this font but the lowercase letter are really buggy, they turn off, can anyone help?
Milelk  02/08/2009
I have the same problem, many lower case letters are not visible. Any solutions from the makers of this font?
natbabs  09/09/2009
I have the same problem, help please i have the perfect piece of work for it!
dobry  18/01/2010
in MS Word - if your text is REALLY short you may want to use the font by fixing letter disappearance by hitting space when a letter "disappears" and then removing the spaces by BackSpace and navigating thru the text by the arrows keys.
No question - frustrating. Perhaps font's full version is fixed.
ossie54  10/02/2010
This would be a brilliant and very very useful font if it had numbers and a full set of glyphs. I end up having to mix and match fonts to get the full character set.
takiniki  04/04/2012
i'd like to use it for my mum's new cafe shop. can i make a donation for you? many thanks
Jacinta1234  29/08/2012
This font is great ! can I use this for commercial purposes?
lovewinsoverglamour  14/06/2013
Great font! I just wish that it had options for commas and periods and stuff like that!
josefjensjensen  autore di Biro Script   09/12/2013
Well, i made this font as an experiment how much can be done with the then new OpenType features. The font available here at for free is the "reduced" test version of the Biró Script. That means it contains only the pure alphabet, no numbers, accents, ligatures etc.
The full featured font is for sale in 2 versions at my web site

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