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Bear Hugs

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LJ12345  15/05/2017

can I please check if this is free for commercial use? Thank you :)
becky081577  23/12/2017
i added it and its not typing out like it should...only font I have ever loaded that has done this? any suggestions? thanks for creating a cool font
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
great font..thank you so much
erica.nelson  11/06/2020
Great font! It says 100% free so could I use this for commercial t-shirt designs? Please let me know. Thanks,
lynseytoner  09/11/2020
Can I please use this for commercial use?
Let me know
Sedas  12/01/2021
Hello, may I use the shift for my small businesses? Add the font to self-sewn pockets. I don't have that much idea, but I'd be very happy about it. I leave my email to them. Greeting
Bonovirus  28/01/2022
Great font, can I use this for commercial use?
Please let me know
Thank you in advance

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