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lecter  13/10/2007
this is very cool, me like a lot. do jo plan a kind of ultra-light version too?
nice done.

kmzero  autore di [z] Arista   01/04/2008
yes, we r making a ultra light version and some other variant.
agustinluisbou92  28/05/2008
Esta fuente se usó en los créditos de la novela "Bella & Benny" de Canal 5
fabianelima  23/11/2008
Twitter font?
PrettyGal15  07/10/2010
ang galing ni ate paulinee .. for shannen right ??
kmzero  autore di [z] Arista   15/11/2010
Hi PrettyGal, i really don't undestand what you are sayng... sorry...
lonpo  19/04/2011

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