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sujayraj  10/12/2007
this fonts is not included in photoshop, can iknow how is it possible
JP Mallaroni  autore di Argor Priht Scaqh   15/12/2007
Hi, I'm the one who made this font.
Maybe's because it's new and not yet available...
But I don't use photoshop & don't know exactly what you mean.
Is the question that a big number of fonts are inside photoshop (and not mine), or is it the way I created it impedes its use.
Can u eventually precise please ?
Argor / JP Mallaroni.
KURLY  01/05/2009
what country does this font come from
JP Mallaroni  autore di Argor Priht Scaqh   30/05/2009
I'm French & made this front, so this font's from France / Marseille...
DRKXTC  17/02/2011
hey to the person who created this font, i really like your font and i am currently creating a clothing line brand and was wondering what i need to do to be able to use this font on some tshirts
JP Mallaroni  autore di Argor Priht Scaqh   25/09/2011
My fonts are free to be used as people wish, so, use it freely & with no restriction.
Just, I'd like to know what you will create with it, but it's not obliged to inform me about that, of course.
Sincerely yours.
JPM - Argor.
llamaswithats44  13/11/2013
I would like to use your font for a tattoo I am getting.
JP Mallaroni  autore di Argor Priht Scaqh   02/05/2014
No problem at all, would like to see the result ;o)
JP Mallaroni  autore di Argor Priht Scaqh   11/08/2015
Hi, (En français en-dessous)
Numerous diacritics in this font like in the other ones I made will allow you to write in your own language without problem. Nevertheless if somme of them lack when you use your keyboard, say it to me & I will add the characters you still need in an update, don't hesitate to ask, it's not a problem for me to do it, but don't forget to give the number ASCII for me to make the good letter, example to make a "É", I use "Alt + 144", I need this kind of number to create a character OK with any keyboard, whatever the keyboard is...
Ask this in my fonts' comments, it'll be easier for me to get them this way...

De nombreux accents et diacritiques se trouvent dans mes fontes, ils permettent ainsi l'écriture de textes en de nombreuses langues différentes. Néanmoins, s'il en manquait quand même dans la vôtre n'hésitez pas à m'indiquer ce dont vous avez besoin et je mettrai à jour la ou les fontes concernées, ne pas oublier d'indiquer le code ASCII (etc.) qui me permettra de bien créer le bon caractère au bon endroit dans la fonte, par exemple pour un "É", j'utilise "Alt + 144", c'est 144 qu'il aurait fallu me donner pour être sûr de créer ce caractère dans une ou plusieurs de mes fontes.
Communiquez ces demandes dans les commentaires de mes fontes de ce site Dafont, c'est + simple pour moi.
Salut !

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