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preppyfairy  30/09/2006
I really love the design on this font! I just wish that it wasn't a demo :(
sixtys-child  01/08/2007
gorgeous! the doodling adds a touch of elegance. great font...well done!
solasola  24/09/2007
busra  04/12/2007
dawafonts!  07/10/2008
this is awesome!!! are we allowed to use this for use on a fanbase website that is not for commercial use? also does it cost anything to register?

Ogaga4Luv007  09/06/2009
i like it
featherlyblow  03/01/2014
it's so nice but too bad its a demo :(
Scriptorium  autore di Ardenwood   19/11/2015
The full version is not very expensive, includes all the characters and a license for use. You can get it at

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