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LittleMissPerfect  09/12/2007
wow funkified!!!
BenTagain  21/09/2008
Thanks LittleMissPerfect, your comment is kind to the apparent incongruity of my (first) font.
cheers, Geoffrey
Prawydh  17/02/2009
love your font!
niziolek  26/12/2013
I was just wondering if I could use this font commercially?
Email Thanks!
cyrjax  21/07/2015
I was wondering thew same as niziolek, I assume 100% free means this would be available for commercial use... but I wanted to verify with you first. Thanks, and great font!
johnditjohn  24/10/2016
impossible d'exporter cette police dans un fichier pdf, car restriction de licence

est ce normal?
regismanga  06/03/2017
Bonjour. Comme demandé par d'autres personnes, est-ok pour usage commercial ? (pour le titre d'un livre)

Je suppose que oui puisque 100% gratuit mais je demande au cas où. mon mail
regismanga  06/03/2017
Hello. As already asked above, is it ok for commercial use ? (i.e. for a boo title) ?

I assume it is fine but I would like confirmation. My email:

mollyd  09/05/2017
This font would not export to PDF due to licensing restrictions. :(
docanas  29/05/2020
Would like to use for mobile app (commercial use). Please send info to
Gg84  01/11/2020
Comme demandé par d'autres personnes, est-ce ok pour un usage commercial pour un logo de société ? Merci

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