Anderson Fireball XL5

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Daq  13/05/2006
It's very basic.
It seems like my font.
puppets  autore di Anderson Fireball XL5   27/05/2006
And what is "your" font??
Phantomphontphinder  04/09/2006
More like Roger's font: Choc.
tophy52  22/12/2008
GO-N Prod  15/12/2009
We are an animation series production company. We really like your font “Anderson Fireball”. We would like to know if it is possible to use it for the title card of one episode of a series we are currently producing. In this case, what would be your conditions?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Kind regards,
philippedada  07/11/2011
Roger Excoffon's Choc was issued in 1955 as metal hand type (digital Bitstream's ripoff from Linotype called Staccato 555) -- Ferrera's version is not a "copy", but definitely derivative
puppets  autore di Anderson Fireball XL5   11/11/2011
Inspired from the TV series Fireball XL 5.
RachCos  02/07/2012
My son's name is Anderson, who just turned 4. A few months ago, he said that he didn't like his name anymore, and wanted to pick a new one. So I asked him what his new name should be, he responded with Fireball. He now refers to himself as Anderson Fireball, whenever anyone asks his name. I was astouded when I came across this font. Perhaps he will get a tattoo one day, and nothing would be more appropriate.
puppets  autore di Anderson Fireball XL5   04/07/2012
Very appropriate! lol thanks Steve

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