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canelle  23/04/2006
Une carte postale Ó quelle adresse et Ó quel nom?
Sinon, c'est ok!
Et merci pour cette belle police (et aux belles horloges qu'il y a Ó tÚlÚcharger gratuitement sur le site)!
mghanafi  08/11/2006
Alhamdulillah.. is the best font.. :-)
samira  10/01/2007
thank you so much....this is amazing!!! Now i don't have to retrace in illustrator! Allhumdolillah.
dmeskam  27/02/2008
Thank God for dafont!
awmasry  06/10/2008
Assalam Alaikum wwb.
It is Excellent !
aramae  19/07/2009
i dont like it

insantakkamil  23/05/2011
Hello everyone, I can't read Arabic. May I know which one stand for (subhanu wa ta'ala) or swt.? Can someone help?
Adneen  07/10/2011
Al Hamdulillah! ..Very nice and worthy :)
iskander71  23/11/2012
Wonderfull, magnifique !
Vous pouvez voir comment j' ai utilisÚ cette police, sur Devian ARt par exemple, lÓ:
tammyjune  13/07/2015
Is it possible to purchase this for commercial use?
mehdihs  15/02/2016
Could the creator please make this font embeddable in PDFs by InDesign?

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