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TOLGA  25/06/2006
Smokey Phoenix  30/06/2006
Like the paramount comedy writng, or toy machine sb deck writing
ilovetosing34  18/11/2006
i love it.
Lugkawakung  13/07/2007
Thanks for sharing
pye.fairy  14/10/2007
reigh  28/11/2007
i love this font!
i used it for my science fair project. :)
StopGlobalWarming64  27/12/2007
do you think (just a question) you could re-do this font and make the letters straight and not so crokkedy (crooked + ee) ?
XxThatDudettexX  22/03/2008
haha! i totally saw this on an icon! love it!
Jess123  14/09/2008
HAHHAH hey jackson its agus,
did u submit a font?!! lol
LoonieToon  22/11/2008
i love this font! it is completly and utterly awesome.
my sister is totally nuts about it too.
LoonieToon  22/11/2008
it is nice and wonky
Athie  06/12/2008
Didn't they use this font in the movie Juno? O:
AlinaCourtney  08/02/2009
I love ♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!
Is so perfect!
I used this for my colage!
Thanks you very much!
I love you ♥♥♥!
cleo1997  10/06/2009
HEY!!! This font was made by the site! It isn't yours!!
gameguru  04/01/2010
cleo, don't you think its possible that maybe photobucket was actually the one that used this font? They have to come from somewhere you know.
juliaserin  04/10/2010
can you create for me *ELEVEN EXACT ONE* ? please help me
Nayarb  08/07/2011
Cool Brow
andi77  05/04/2012
is this font free for commercial usage? thank you for answering
RRSeeger  05/06/2012
I have the same question as andi77
Sunwan  09/04/2015
Hello, very beautiful font ! Can I use it to make a logo for the Cultural Department of my university ?

Bonjour, très belle typo ! Est-ce que je peux l'utiliser pour créer un logo pour le Service Culturel de mon université ?
ragnarojk  13/09/2016
is this font free for commercial usage? thank you for answering
dolores cadena  03/07/2017
Me encanta!!

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