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rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
awesome font..thank you so much
Beatriz Lemos  15/04/2018
Posso utilizar a fonte para fins comerciais?
Aqui estß meu e-mail: bia.cleia@live.com
Desde jß agradešo!
Basunanda  22/06/2018
SweetCeeCee  16/08/2018
Thank you for the wonderful font, I plan to use it on the cover of a book. :) will link back to you!
Alchemy  16/11/2018
I really would like to use this font for a business purpose, please send me an email at mrastrot@hotmail.it
hyosun.kim  10/04/2019
Thank you so much for the amazing font! i'd like to use this for for package design, cool font i've ever seen.For sure, please send me an email at vanessa9307@naver.com
bdean07  11/05/2019
Howdy from Texas! I'd really love permission to use this beautiful font for business purpose. Please e-mail me at billie.dean@sbcglobal.net
ajung  30/06/2019
Hi...Can I use your font for commercial usage? I'd like to permission to use your font.... please tell me at kugbs12@naver.com
intanfebrya  04/09/2019
Great font! thankyou so much,i'd like to use this for my thumbnail youtube video.Plese email me at intanfebryani7@gmail.com
alannahlouise  18/09/2019
Can I use your font for commercial usage? I'd like to permission - please tell me on hello@wellnessglow.com.au
mzaini30  08/10/2019
Assalamualaikum. Good morning. I have permission to use the font that you created for my APK: Typography (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mzaini30.tipografi). If you don't want me to use your font on my APK, please send an email to muhzaini30@gmail.com. Then, I will delete the font from my APK.


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