A star is born

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yvon  09/08/2006
yes nice one too
amerasian  20/03/2008
awesome i love it
franchfry622  26/06/2008
nice 1 =D
it looks just like hand drawn if u printed!!!! =P
laurikaaz =)  20/07/2008
Since I can come out laz letraz I use them =D
Lil-Miss-Chatterbox  27/09/2009
I Tryed To Draw This But It Dint Work:(
Bouledefeuu  20/01/2010
I do not.
fontjc22  04/03/2011
i love it :b
amelieh  27/04/2011
I love very very very !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
davifeitoza  16/08/2018
lady gaga oscar winner <3 btw beautiful font i love it

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