Down With The Sickness

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Down With The Sickness  di Andrew O'Connor
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Down With The Sickness V2.ttf
Note dell'autore
Hello, and welcome to my second font, soldiers! Unlike my Battle Mage font, this one has both lower case AND capital letters and was actually written in Photoshop Elements, while BattleMage was handwritten by me. I spent approximately four hours on this font, so don't be mean! .......please? :3 Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the font.

This is version 2 of my Down With The Sickness font (AKA Nineveh font). Wondering what's different? Well on the original version, there was a little bit of a cut off at the top of the capital O letter, sO I decided tO fix that. EnjOy!

P.S. I admit I am a nerd for naming this after a Disturbed song. Lol.

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Down With The Sickness

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