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Write like the inventor of the diesel engine – it’s possible with the Diesel Rudolf Script (patterned after the original handwriting of Rudolf Diesel)...

The engineer and inventor Rudolf Diesel was born in Paris in 1858 and also went to school there. In1870 his family moved to England and Rudolf was sent to relatives in Augsburg where he continued going to school. Later, after completing his studies in Munich, he began working as an engineer in the machine factory Linde. Alone this part of his life makes clear why Rudolf Diesel’s handwriting was so “jerky,” hesitant and inconsistent. He learned to write according to the French style, that is, Latin cursive – completely different from the very correct and neat German handwriting taught at that time which he had to learn at 13 years of age. These circumstances explain why his handwriting is “messy” (especially for those days) with its mixtures of letter forms within a text, even within individual words. Plus, he obviously did not attach much importance to “pretty writing.” Sometimes the characters are wide, then narrow, sometimes large and clear and then again crammed and primitive. The individuality is emphasized with characteristics derived from quill and ink.

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