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First things, Thank you for choosing one of my fonts. I hope you will enjoy it/abuse it/use for a suicide note/or a threatening letter to your grandmother.

Most of my fonts are donationware. That means, in order to use them commercially you will have to make a donation in the very least you could send a thank you note. I also accept donations for the hard work and love of typography.

I value each of my fonts on dafont at $200 (I picked the number out of my A$$) for every $200 donated for my fonts I will make a font Freeware). So far I reckon I’ve had about $300 in donations over the year and half, from 200,000 ish downloads, the numbers add up right? right? Anyway I’ve made 5 of my fonts available free and I will continue to do so for every $200 raised from now on. You know if everyone was honest or cool enough to give a buck or two I wouldnt have to write this nonsense.

This probably won’t change anything but I’m putting it out there.

So Donate Macht Frei!

Donations can be made through PayPal. The payout account is Alternatively you can use the ‘Donate to author’ button next to the font on

Due to costs involved when using PayPal, I will not accept any donations less than 1 US$. I really won’t.

Thank you. Enjoy it.

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