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It has been see that the change from analog to digital camera has made our surveillance and security stronger and this all is because of the latest technology. Having sureviallance cameras have helped people to have a proper monitoring tool for their place, even if they are out from their place. Now
IP cameras
has taken the market and it's all because of the feature that they support. Over here we have come here to see the fact about why exactly you need have an IP camera at your place to monitor. Let's see the reason why you need to install the IP cameras.

1. Easy To Install:

IP camera is really easy to install. You just need to plug and then play. To have a connection properly the foremost thing that you need to have is the Ethernet connection and power supply. As compare to the analog cameras this IP CCTV needs less power and lesser service. If you have a built recording function, then you dont have to worry about the power because to run the DVR cards it requires less power supply.

2. Needs less power:

Having an IP camera at your place, does not mean that the IP camera will suck a lot of electricity. Infact IP cameras need less power to do the video recording as said earlier. Whereas the DVR's need more electricty as compare to the IP camera.

3. Flexible System:

As compare to other, IP cameras are more portable. This means that there is no need to have a lot of cameras, only fewer cameras would work. On site, you can easily move the digital camera at different loaction. This indirectly helps you by saving your penny.

4. No Expensive Software:

Having a digital security camera needs a third party software, which is a bit expensive, where the software used for IP camera is comparatively less expensive.

5. Better features:

The IP cameras has a lot of added features that make it better. For night it has a night vision mode, in which you can have a clear image even at night. Along with that the IP cameras now come along with digital zoom, that means you can have a log distance view closer. These camera is more clear and it's because they come in Mega Pixels.

These are some reasons that you need to have an IP camera installed at your place. The only thing that you need to take care of is the proper location to mount the IP camera.

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