Pixl par Ryan Smith 
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Note de l'auteur
Pixl is a new pixel typeface. Best dis­played at 6pt (or mul­tiples thereof for lar­ger sizes) it is only 5 pixels high. With an x-height of 4 pixels, an ascender of only 1 pixel, and a des­cender of also 1 pixel it is one of the smal­lest pixel type fam­ilys around.

You may notice sim­il­ar­it­ies to Susan Kare’s ‘Five Dots’ or Jason Kot­tke’s ‘Silk­screen’ because — truth be told — there’s only a lim­ited num­ber of ways that you can arrange pixels in a 5 pixel high box, but Pixl dif­fers in that it has both upper­case and lower­case, full sym­bol sup­port (as much as can be arranged to be recog­nis­able at this small size), and many variants.

To gain use of this extended character set (including symbols, bold, italic, monospace and serif) you will have to visit our site at http://superpositionkitty.com and buy the font!

But here at dafont you can download this demo that contains all 26 characters (uppercase and lowercase) free of charge.

Mise en ligne sur DaFont : 06/10/2009


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