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Okta is a geometric grotesk that comes both as a variable font and 22 static fonts: 11 uprights and 11 matching italics, which make it a great tool for those seeking a versatile font with a strong character and high legibility. Throw in a very pleasing look, elegant curves and a wide range of weights, and you'd get what Okta aspires to be: a perfect typographic tool for every need.In Okta, elegant geometric curves meet bold strokes and wide apertures. Round letters are nearly circular, but, to boost readability, slight changes were introduced for optical compensation. Okta is also equipped with amazing OpenType features: case sensitive punctuation, ligatures, fractions, superscript and subscript figures, two kinds of circular figures, stylistic & contextual alternatives and much more!

Okta supports all major European languages, as well as Vietnamese and some dozens of foreign languages that you may encounter in your designs. We've got all that covered. The glyph count for each of the styles is 800+ characters.

Two styles (Extra Light and Bold Italic) are free to try and experiment with. If you need wide language support and more extensive OpenType features, consider taking a look at Okta Neue, a bigger version of the classic Okta.

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