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Obese & Square, the name says it all. A minimalist fatty made with as few basic elements as possible. Fit for titling that needs that 'De Stijl' feeling. Capitals,numbers and small capitals only. Only very basic punctuation, no kerning. Maybe later if there are enough requests.

Redistribution of this font is not allowed without the written consent of the copyright holder, Koeiekat.

Free for strictly private use only. Use for any other purpose, including web embedding requires a donation. Contact koeiekat at koeiekat.com. The @ :)

Private use: Any use that is strictly private and not in any way related to commercial activities, not-for-profit included. Examples: A personal website or blog that does not contain advertisements or pay-per-click links, your school homework or course work, your own birthday or other invitations (made and printed by you), family scrapbooks and so on.

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Obese & Square KK

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