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Notalot35, a wee 7x5 font. Works best at that size (or at any full multiple of that - 200%, 300%, whatever), and not anti-aliased.

Free for all use. Notification on use, commercial or otherwise, is not required, but I genuinely love it when you do - so please consider quickly dropping a line! I don't bite, and I won't refuse you permission to use the font regardless of how it's being used. Credit is much of the same - not required, but it makes me smile when people do :) You're also welcome to donate if you like/use the font (PayPal: nal[at]nalgames[dot]com, or just use DaFont's built in Donate link), but again, optional!

Mise en ligne sur DaFont : 26/03/2012

Illustration © NALGames


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