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Josef Xuereb's Friends à  par Josef Xuereb
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Josef Xuereb s Friends - Regular.ttf
Josef Xuereb s Friends - Italic.ttf
Josef Xuereb s Friends - Bold.ttf
Josef Xuereb s Friends - Bold Italic.ttf
Note de l'auteur
I felt the need to create this font because I never really found a Friends font which is true to the one used in the TV show. Well, this one is!

It comes in 4 variations:
* Regular, containing large and small caps;
* Italic, containing only small caps;
* Bold, containing only large caps;
* Bold italic, containing an upright version of the font.

All fonts are mapped to the ASCII standard.

Mise en ligne sur DaFont : 10/02/2010 - Mise à jour : 16/09/2010

Josef Xuereb s Friends - Regular.ttf

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