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You're right, that one pair slipped my mind, sorry.

I have a bit of trouble following though: the word "Pirfinto" doesn't employ any kerning. The issue is that my alternates are not PUA-encoded. Why didn't you mention that as a rejection reason? (I did read about it in another thread though).

I see. I've been debugging why the 'kern' table didn't export (the project is in FontForge), and it is a bit of a mystery. The table isn't exported no matter what I do for some of my projects, while it is for others. Eventually I might port the project to FontLab which hopefully produces a 'kern' table.

Thank you for the explanation.

You mean that the legacy old-style kern table is not present. Does any software use that anymore? OpenType kerning is present in the font.

Regarding spacing of non-connecting letters, it is optimized so that the letters flow naturally at medium size. For large sizes, I agree the spacing could be tighter.

Interesting question (I wondered about that myself!) but if I were the one supposed to answer this, I'd need a couple more details, e.g. examples of what you expected and what you saw.

My recent font was rejected twice due to Spacing/kerning problems. While the first time around, I acknowledged that there was an issue with *vertical* spacing (there was some clipping in Windows programs like Word), the second time I thought it would go through.

How can a connected script font be rejected due to spacing problems? There is a lot of kerning already for the non-connected UC/lc pairs, and the rest is solved with contextual alternates and ligatures. Obviously there is overlap between almost every lc pair in the font, but it's a connected script, what did you expect?

The font's name was Pirfinto.

Yeah I know the font works, I mean the generated previews below

04/07/2017 à 19:02  [post initial]  Wrong characters in waterfall preview

In my font the preview for some symbols and most diacritics is wrong. Mismatched symbols or (mostly) nulls appear instead of the letters. My font works ok on my machine (Windows 10). Is there something wrong with it so that DaFont couldn't generate the previews right? The font in question is Slowglass

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